What A Green Card Is And How To Replace It

Green Cards are a very important form of identification for those who have moved to the United States from another country. If you have a Green Card and you misplace it, take the steps to get a replacement Green Card immediately. 

What Is a Green Card?

A Green Card is important for those who have moved to the United States and sought out permanent residency in the country. If you have obtained a Green Card, this does not mean that you are a citizen of the United States — it simply means you are a resident. 

A Green Card gives you the legal ability to live and work in the United States. You are responsible for keeping track of the Green Card and renewing it when it expires to continue legally living in the United States. Once you have been a resident of the country for three to five years, you may be eligible for citizenship. 

Reasons Your Green Card May Need to Be Replaced

Losing your Green Card is a common reason that would call for you to get a replacement. 

Some other reasons you may need to get a Green Card replacement can include:

  • Your current Green Card is expiring
  • You are changing from commuter status to actual resident (commuter status allows you to live in Mexico or Canada for work while keeping your Green Card valid in the US)
  • Your current Green Card was destroyed
  • Your current Green Card was never received
  • You have changed your name, address, or gender
  • You have turned 14 years old

You should apply for a replacement Green Card as soon as you fall under one of the above categories. 

Replacing a Green Card 

Thanks to technology, Green Card replacement services have never been easier. You can easily go online and fill out the application to replace your Green Card and send it right off. If you would prefer, you can also print off the application and send it by mail. Once a new Green Card has been approved, it will be sent to you via mail. 

There may be times when they may request biometric information from you. If this applies to you, they will send you a notice for an appointment to obtain this information. 

You should plan to fill out the application for your replacement Green Card before your current Green Card expires to prevent any lapses in legal residency.