3 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer When Applying for a Visa

Despite the tons of information regarding US visa requirements and application processes available on the internet, successfully obtaining a visa is not as easy as it may seem at first. As a result, you need the help of a seasoned professional who is well versed in all the ins and outs of US immigration laws and systems.

No one is better prepared to help you get a US visa than an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers are attorneys who specialize solely in matters regarding US immigration. Unfortunately, most people attempt to get a US visa on their own. As a result, they usually end up getting denied, applying for the wrong visa, or even getting deemed inadmissible.

To avoid such discouraging outcomes, it is advisable to have an immigration lawyer walk you through the entire process. With that said, here are the three main benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer to help you out with your visa applications.

Explaining Your Visa Options

It is essential to acknowledge that the United States has about 180 different types of visas you can apply for. The visas vary in terms of what your intentions are once you are in the United States. It could be you are:

  • Seeking asylum
  • Visiting a friend
  • Attending an event
  • Planning on investing
  • Seeking an education
  • Looking for residency or work

Irrespective of your reasons for coming to the United States, it is essential to choose the right kind of visa that allows you to operate in the United States legally. 

US visas also get subdivided into various categories that determine the specific activities an immigrant can participate in while in the United States. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an immigration lawyer to walk you through all the viable visa options based on the kind of activities you want to participate in while in the United States.

Requirement and Application Process

One of the main reasons immigrant and non-immigrant visas get denied is that the applicants fail to meet the recommended requirements or make subtle mistakes in their application. For instance, if you fail to provide all the required information or provide false details unintentionally on the visa application form, your visa application will get denied.

Thus, to improve the chances of your visa application getting accepted, you need to have an immigration lawyer by your side. The immigration lawyer will explain all the requirements and help you ensure that you fully meet all the requirements before you commence your visa application process.

Additionally, the immigration lawyer will ensure that you fill out the visa application forms correctly and provide all the required information. Thus, the chances of your visa application getting rejected when you have an immigration lawyer assisting you are minimal.

Expediting the Process

In most cases, some visa applicants wait for months and even years before they get a follow-up on their visa application. Hence, the visa application process is lengthy and requires patience if you are doing it on your own. 

Fortunately, the duties of an immigration lawyer don't end when you submit your visa application process. Thus, if you hire an immigration lawyer, they can help you speed up the process by following up on the progress of your visa application on your behalf. Most immigration lawyers have several contacts in the USCIS and Department of Homeland Security who can help expedite the process for their clients.

Thus, with an immigration lawyer, you stand a better chance of obtaining your visa within a shorter time than someone who conducts the entire process independently.

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