Separated By Distance But Not By Heart: 3 Ways To Stay Close While Waiting On Your Family Immigration Approval

Life in the United States sometimes feels like you are living out a fantasy, until you realize that the people you love the most still are not here. When you made your big move, you knew that a major reason for your immigration was to create a way to make a better life for your family. Yet, you still find yourself trying to wade through the very difficult process of making it legal for your loved ones to stay. Fortunately, it is possible to ease the strain of being separated from your loved ones while you give them the best chances for a legal immigration.

Be Upfront About the Options

As a family, hope has led you to many places, but you want to make sure no one loses hope by making sure that you know all of the options that are available for making the process easier.  Unfortunately, family-based immigration is sometimes a lengthy process, and knowing that it may take time will ease your loved one's frustrations that can strain your relationship.

Early in the process, talk to a family immigration attorney from a firm like Neal Richardson Datta Attorney At Law, P.C. who can help you understand the full process from the beginning to the end along with the time frame involved for your specific situation. For example, being the spouse or child under the age of 21 of someone who is already a U.S. citizen streamlines the process of obtaining a green card. Being engaged, a refugee, or a member of the military also impacts your family's immigration process so make sure to discuss these details with your attorney so that they can help you take advantage of every opportunity you have available to make your family legal U.S. citizens.

Find Multiple Methods For Communication

The immigration process involves filing essential paperwork that documents your relationship, such as birth records, marriage certificates, and official testimonials. You may also be asked to participate in interviews and background checks that all take a unified effort. While your attorney will help you with each step, you will need to make sure that you can reach your loved ones whenever you have a question. Set up regular meetings on the phone or online where you can discuss the proceedings, and use these times to also reaffirm your love for each other so that it will be easier to manage the distance.

Celebrate Small Victories

Families that celebrate together form bonds that make it possible to get through anything. Each completed step in the immigration process is an opportunity to get excited about your loved one's upcoming move to the United States. Whether you enjoy a quick phone call or send your loved one a little gift, letting them know that you are excited about the achievement helps make the wait seem easier to manage.

While you may have made it to the States first, this is a journey that your whole family has taken together. Make sure you keep up the momentum by utilizing every support available to ensure that your family immigration request is processed and approved as quickly as possible. Then, hold tight and maintain your bonds by staying in constant communication as you look forward to the day you will be reunited.